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Giles created cartoons on nearly every subject imaginable. Fill in the formbelow to try and locate a cartoon with your chosen subject. e.g. for cartoonsabout grandmas just put in grandma. Click here to display a list of all main keywords

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DateMain KeywordsNo. of times Cartoon
has been Viewed
5/8/1979The Queenmarriage6285View
5/11/1970The QueenPlumbing6908View
29/4/1971AscotQueen Mother7022View
8/5/1975The QueenShoe5801View
18/4/1968Buckingham PalaceThe Queen7196View
7/10/1984The QueenHat5799View
13/2/1979The QueenPrince Philip6362View
3/2/1978The QueenLift6584View
21/10/1986The QueenPrince Philip6519View
14/10/1986The QueenTakeaway6227View
12/10/1986RikshawThe Queen6078View
16/10/1980The QueenItaly5851View
11/11/1975The QueenKojak5930View
26/5/1988The QueenChelsea Flower Show5920View
6/6/1977The QueenJubilee6126View
5/6/1977The QueenJubilee6451View
10/6/1977The QueenIdi Amin6282View
8/6/1977The QueenJubilee6297View
19/11/1972The QueenAnniversary6077View
28/4/1983The QueenBedroom5958View
4/11/1982The QueenState Coach6353View
3/10/1982The QueenTelegrams7082View
27/8/1970The QueenFestival6318View
24/3/1970The QueenThe Beatles7123View
11/11/1969The QueenBailiff6318View
9/11/1969The QueenForgery5876View
1/7/1954The QueenCorgi6112View
24/1/1961The QueenIndia6017View
16/5/1961The QueenTrooping The Colour5967View
10/12/1968The QueenParcel6701View

There were 31 matches

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